Tree Planting Record

Dear Senator Corker,

Recently, people of India landed a record number of trees in 24 hours. Not long after that, they broke their own record! 

Trees are amazing when it comes to environment. Tree shade cools the ground by soaking up the sunlight. I am old enough to remember when tree shade was the only “air conditioning” we had! Trees also slow down and soak up rain, which prevents floods from happening. 

The most important thing trees do is create good soil. Without trees, there would be no farmland. Places where all the trees are cleared for farmland have turned into desert. That is what happened to the Fertile Cresent. 

India planted these trees to roll back climate change. But trees are worth so much, they are good for so many more reasons. Life thrives in trees, under trees, because of trees. That includes our human lives. 

Earlier this year, I got 10 free trees from the Tennessee Conservation program. Nine of them have survived so far. My property lost far more trees that this in last year’s drought.

Would it be possible for Tennessee to give India a “run for its money” and challenge them on a tree planting record? It would do us a world of good. 

Thank you,



We have automobiles, cars that
Zoom us
Anywhere we need to go

We have days
Unencumbered by searches for foodstuff or
Washing clothes by hand
Hours to spend as we please


She is three-quarters of an hour’s
Drive away from me
Not far, but
Too late for panic
Out of arm’s reach

I am not welcome
At my ex’s house
I am not barred

Bright soul
Darling girl
In spirit
We share breath

In body, the distance?
I measure it
In heartaches

Not Helpful

Creative people are risk takers. We try new ways, take new routes, put energy into untried means. We need support and more to be able to accomplish things. 

Because life is hard, there are creator-haters who exist for no other reason than to end creativity. They find creative people, behave in a friendly manner, and then suck the joy right out of a creative person’s soul. 

Haters lean in, smile when you light up with your ideas, gaze wistfully at the horizon, and slowly crush out your light. I am certain these people inspired JK Rowling to invent Dementors. 

“That would be nice” is one of their weapons. Like a crowbar, it forces joy open so that more creativity can bleed out. The creative pours more light thru that opening, and the hater sucks it up. “Oh, how do you think of such good ideas?” Is a rope they tie around a creative’s neck. It sounds so much like a compliment. 

They tighten the rope with laughter. Only after you are dangling do they feel safe enough to finish the job. “I just don’t think that would work.” Or “We tried that once.” And if they want to kick the creative’s dead form to be certain it is dead, “I guess you could do that, but I wouldn’t.” 

Here is the secret: haters are stifled creatives. That is how they get so close; they feel familiar. 

Save yourself, creative person. You are quick and inventive, with a sharp eye. When you brim with joyful ideas, pay close attention to those around you. If they do not also shine bright, if they do not respond with joy and awe, then take up your soul and carry it away. 

Do not return their hate. Haters are in pain already. Just pick up your joys and go home. 

Business Giving Hope

The gentle agreement that is the Paris Accord on Cimate Change has been rejected by the political leaders of Nicaragua and the United States. Syria is too busy tearing itself to shreds to have even paid attention to it. 

Every nation on Earth but mine and Nicaragua understands the science and the dire effects of climate change. Almost every nation and the majority of CEOs are in agreement. 

Businesses and countries alike are willing to voluntarily spend the money necessary to fix this. Business leaders, who scrimp on every turn, who scrape money out of every corner, are spending their money and effort to reverse Climate Change. 

I am heartened by this. Humans have typically just reacted to disaster rather than preventing it. But here we are, educating each other, learning why this situation is such a detriment, and deciding to work together. I am so amazed and proud of humanity. 

Learning the CEOs are signing onto the Paris accord gleams of the brightest kind of hope. The diligence of scientists, who have repeatedly stood in the face of derision and defamation, has won the day. Science seeks facts and to understand reality for the good of humanity. They serve people and this service is their greatest triumph. 

I do not look to business world for guidance. I seldom look to business world even for creative ideas. But here we are, now able to take an example from this circle of money-oriented and timid culture. 

I have hope, more than I did a week ago. 

Wonder Woman

I am so overwhelmed by this film that I can barely compose a thought. For little warriors like me, neglected and disabused of my own strengths, to finally have my own genuine superhero is enormous. 

Diana is not Katniss. Katniss is a human hero, fighting for the survival of her people. Her hand was forced. Katniss shines bright, and I adore her. Her story is one of people caught in political wars. 

Diana is not Princess Leia. Leia was born to a privileged life and saw it ripped away, her home and people utterly destroyed. She is a rogue, fighting back from nothing. She is human, extraordinary and wily. I loved her with all my heart. 

Diana is not Lieutenant Uhura. Uhura was a professional, an officer, sharp and smart member of an elite team of explorers. 

Diana is a god. She is nearly invincible with untold strength and intelligence. She is under no familial duress, has no career aspirations and no agenda. She fights by choice, for love of humanity. She as a god, a superhero, represents what humanity can accomplish, rather than what a person would do. She is femininity, she is might, she is righteousness. She raises our consciousness and gives us strength we didn’t know was there.


Dear Senator Corker,

I need to tell you about my sister’s medical condition and her need for hormone-blocking drugs in order to live. My sister Lenore has Acromegaly. Her pituitary gland produces so much human growth hormone that without those drugs, her bones and soft tissues would grow until her brain was pulled apart, her tongue would swell and throat would close. Even with these hormone-blocking drugs, she is in constant pain and inflammation.

She has to take hormone blockers every single day, without fail.
These drugs are expensive, $5000 a month at least.
Any interruption in the hormone-blocking means irreparable damage to her body.
Without these hormone-blocking drugs, she will die a long, painful death.

Lenore is a Registered Nurse with a dependent, disabled son at home (he is 29 years old this year and has Down’s Syndrome.) She works hard and often has two jobs to make ends meet.

Insurance doesn’t like my sister. They look for every chance to dump her. This is not acceptable.

I love my sister and want her to live in good health for as long as possible. I think Lenore is important. She is a good person, worth the long-term gain that the ACA provides to our people.

Please vote in favor of the ACA, which requires insurance companies to help keep my sister alive even when they don’t want to.

Thank you.



Nearby park has an Army cemetery. I took my puppy with me Saturday morning to go for a run. We set out three smooth rocks I had painted: a bee, a car and a field of flowers. I hoped the people who found them would enjoy them.

By the time we were done, the park was overrun with scouts. SUVs and minivans abounded, each producing families, friends, troops-full of children. Several wanted to pet my five month old puppy, a few wailed in fear if he got near them. All three rocks had been picked up. 

Before we left, a park officer invited us to watch the scouts place small American flags on each of the graves. Over 2000 graves in just 11 minutes, he said. I did not ask what happened to the flags after this weekend ended. 

I showed the compass application on my smartphone to two scouts attempting to identify north from moss on a tree. A man about my age pointed southeast and said to the boys, “Your house is that way, north!” I did not hesitate to point north and show him the compass, too. 

One woman approached to pet my dog, looked into my eyes and said, “You were in the Society for Creative Anachronism!” I looked more closely and recognized her as well. We had caravaned together to a big event about 20 years ago. 

Another private park also had hundreds of large flags posted. People stopped to take photos. It was an impressive sight but again I was saddened to think that in just a few days, most of those beautiful new flags would be headed for the giant trash dump north of town. Garbage is sad; patriotic garbage is doubly sad.

Still, it was cheerful to see bright faced children at the park, visiting an historical site and cooperating on a big project.

I hope we eventually go down in history as people who realized our mistake in making a disposable culture, and clean up the dumps.