Springtime Waits for No One

Notes from my talk for UUFM on 12 April 2020

Last month was the Spring Equinox, a holiday called Ostara by Wiccans. Next month comes Beltane, halfway thru Spring season.

At Ostara the Sun rises directly in the East, days and nights are equal in hours. Here in the American Southeast, trees and flowers were leafing out. Up North, people are still waiting for that to happen. Anticipation!

Ostara is a time to start work. You made plans at Imbolc, right? Get those out and review! What were you dreaming of back in the dead of Winter?

I started work in my garden. Pulling early weeds, cleaning up dead plant stems, building what is needed or re-building what has broken. I found that my strawberry ziggurat had partly washed out, so I dug and poured in dirt from other parts of my garden…after first extracting a toad. I hope it found other shelter.

All those dreams of yours are YOURS. Remember that – you are responsible for bringing them into reality. How will you express yourself, improve yourself?

Next month begins with a huge fire festival, Beltane! Halfway thru the Spring season when life is bursting out of the ground. Beltane begins the brightest part of the year, when days are long and nights short.

Yes! The light has arrived! The Sun rises so early that I have time to work in my garden before taking a shower and getting ready for work. Great time to squish marmorated stink bugs or knock them into a bucket of soapy water.

It is time to GET BUSY. And it is time to eat your greens. Vitamins, fiber, minerals; you will need to stay healthy if you want your work to succeed. Take care not to burn out, whether it is sunburn, windburn or bonfire burn!

This is time to work, but not wear yourself out. We still have a lot of the work left to do. Strike while the iron is hot, take breaks when your aim begins to falter. There will still be enough work to do in Summertime.

This is a time to bask, but not be lazy. Enjoy the good days and the warm sunlight. If you cannot appreciate all of it, pick parts that do appeal to you.

What is your natural working pace? Are you fast like dandelions, popping up before the end of winter, or fast like blue jays, strong and clever? Are you slow and cautious, like oak who leafs out last or turkeys who stump so many hunters?

Check your progress as you go. Those late frosts are killer; what unexpected events throw a lot of your work into peril? Do what you can to pace yourself and prepare.

A lot of folks suffer allergies in the Springtime. What are allergies, but attacking the harmless? Pollen is not poisonous; your body mistakes it for an invader, because it is coated in protein like a virus.

Are you attacking harmless things or ideas? Can you take a step back and get a new, less personal perspective?

YES, protect yourself from real threats. Take actions appropriate to threats: wear bug spray if the mosquitoes are out, wear a condom if you do not want a new baby, wear a sunhat, wash your hands well if you are about to eat.

Spring changes fast! Engage your joy, pay attention to this vivid phase of life.

Different Pants

Yesterday morning after I got dressed, a quiet thought came to mind. I would be wearing different pants to work that day.
What? I checked myself in the mirror. These pants were fine, in fact they are the nicest pair I own: midnight blue pin striped dress pants I got from my great-aunt’s latest closet clearing. They went well with my sweater. They fit nicely.
I would wear different pants to work. The jeans I just got from Goodwill, said the quiet thought.
No, I am wearing my pinstripes! No jeans. I like dressing well on Mondays.
THEN THERE WAS ICE ON THE STEP. I slipped, fell, landed directly on my left foot. Water and leaves and whatever grows on wooden decks all sopped into my nice pants.
Husband rescued me, iced and elevated my ankle and wrist, covered me with blankets as the adrenaline wore off. I called my sister the RN and got her advice on treatments.
Then I lay thinking, OK Spirit Guides, thanks for the note about the pants. … I GUESS I JUST NEEDED TO FALL DOWN FOR SOME REASON?!
no answer.
Then came a soft notion in the back of my mind, that I needed to learn how to ask for help.
It is popular joke on psychic folks to say, I will believe in psychics when they all start winning the lottery. Ha. So clever.
This is a psychic’s life: You receive information your guides think you need.
The jeans, which stretch and did not hamper my use of crutches in any way, were a good choice.
Thanks, Spirit Guides.

Food! End of the MCLF 2019

A week ago this evening, I ate raw greens for dinner, fresh out of my garden. Basil, wild grape leaves, mustard greens, mint, lemon balm, and hyssop, which I ate with raw apple cider vinegar. It was a bit like chewing a lot of gum, if gum were also a bit stringy. But this was the first necessary step to coming back to normal eating.

Breakfast and lunch were the same on Saturday, and then dinner was fresh fruit: grapes and watermelon. Sunday breakfast and lunch were more watermelon, apple and grapes, but to be honest, the grapes were terribly sweet.

AND THEN, SUNDAY EVENING there was salmon, steamed mixed vegetables, rice pasta in cheese sauce, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. It was marvellous, even tho I only ate half of it. I should have poured half a glass of wine, a whole glass was too much. The leftovers made a wonderful lunch on Monday. My belly was in perfect shape and I had zero issues eating normally.

The fast was a good experience, over all. From it, I learned I need just one serving of alcohol per day, and that I can handle being hungry but not famished. The lingering cough disappeared, but tinnitus came back full bore. I do not know if my body worked on removing the bones puts in my neck, but I hope so.

I hope to get or build a shoulder stand, so that I can do inversions and increase blood flow to my head and ears. I hope that will address the tinnitus. There has to be some way to heal the inner ear.

Cleanse Fast 2019, days 7 & 8

Wednesday went well. I felt good all day and took several walks.

Started the day with the salt water flush, which worked much better than the herbal tea alone had done. I only had kosher salt, not the recommended sea salt, so I used slightly less than the normal 2 tsp per quart.

Elimination was over within 3 hours. There was not much to eliminate, but my tongue still has the yeast coating. So I am not cleaned out yet.

I admit I am impatient to get this over with; I do not enjoy fasting. Even tho this lemonade makes it possible to get thru the process without going hungry, I miss food SO MUCH.

Another thing that has helped me get thru is honey drinks. Evenings are the most discouraging time, when I am already tired and am used to looking forward to dinner. So, I have taken a heaping tablespoon of honey and dissolved it in warm water to drink. At this point, I am tired of the taste of citrus.

But I am also buoyed by the fact that I am more than halfway thru the process. I hoped to end early but that does not look likely, now. This evening begins the 8th day. I will take my herbal “Smooth Move” tea tonight and make my lemonade for tomorrow. In the morning, I will drink another salt water flush.

Next week will be full of wonderful flavors, incredible things like wine, cheese, green salads, nuts, noodles, vegetables, eggs, fruit. I will savor them like the gods’ own ambrosia. Those days will be here soon.

2019 Cleanse Fast, Days 5 & 6

Two miserable nights in a row, with restless and cramped legs, bad attitude and uncomfortable eliminations convinced me to stop drinking alcohol on the fast. Yes, the book strictly forbids alcohol on the fast, but I figured one drink per day would not be a problem. I am very well hydrated, how could it hurt?

Yesterday (day 6) I drank no alcohol, and last night I slept well and deeply. No problems sleeping or going back to sleep after going to the toilet. Lesson learned!

So far this fast, I have taken the herbal laxative tea rather than doing the salt water flush. It works, but not as well, and I also had some belly cramps using it.

So, this morning I took the salt water flush instead. One quart of filtered water with two teaspoons of kosher salt dissolved in. I took off a pinch or two of the salt, since it was kosher and not sea salt. It took three tries to drink all of it. Then I did my normal morning chores in the garden and feeding the cat, letting the dog out. I was comfortable the entire time.

Elimination began about half an hour later and there was no pain. I am still passing waste, but not a lot.

Today is Wednesday, tonight will wrap up my seventh day of the fast. I am really glad I persevered; these past three days have been rough. Very discouraging. I kept telling myself that this week would go by, and that I have a lot of good things riding on completing this fast.

A symptom of being completely clean is when the yellow yeast on your tongue clears up. That has not happened yet this time, and I only remembered it yesterday when brushing my teeth. I hope to get that signal before Saturday!

Master Cleanser Fast June 2019, days 2 & 3

Finished up the gallbladder and liver flush yesterday, very good results! Got rid of a lot of stones, medium-sized ones, and chaff. That should mean that remaining stones have been loosened up and should come out more easily in the near future. Not that I look forward to the process, but I hope to do it again at least once this year. I need it to lower my bad cholesterol.
One issue I had the last several times I tried to fast was the first days, when my digestive tract still had food in process. Somehow that makes fasting harder; hunger was more persistent even with the lemonade and I just felt VERY fatigued. The gallbladder flush took care of that and actually ruined my appetite for nearly a whole day. Also, I started the laxative herb tea early, which helped make the gallbladder flush work better. The fast also let liver bile build up, which helps force out more gallstones. I thought these processes would work well together, and now I know these process really are complementary.
I nearly quit the fast yesterday (Saturday) evening. I nearly wanted to quit again, this evening! It is hard to stay on course when the day has gotten long. I stopped thinking about the length of the fast, which should be 10 days, and focused on getting thru that moment, that hour.
The healing I need specifically is a list: Tinnitus, the cough that remains from having had the flu two years in a row, bone spurs, and I hope it will heal the knot in my left calf. I suspect that there will be other things I am not even aware of, that will get better. As I write this at the end of my third day, the tinnitus is already feeling quieter and less varied.
I have deviated from the pure fast this time by drinking alcohol and some juices. I make certain to drink water before or at the same sitting as the alcohol, and have mixed juice in with water or alcohol. Also, I have added kombucha and raw apple cider vinegar, to combat the sugar. Sugar feeds yeast (candida albicans) and sends it into overgrowth; kombucha and RACV directly compete with and kill yeast. So far this has worked well, but I may cut out alcohol at some point.
I feel really good, possibly thanks to the gallbladder flush. I have enough energy to go for walks, laugh, get excited, unlike recent attempts to fast. Sleep is better too, and should continue to improve as the fast continues. The gallbladder flush disturbed my sleep the last two nights, but not more than it is usually disturbed. I feel rested and energetic, if grumpy about not getting to eat tasty things. There will be good, tasty food again soon.
I started fasting Thursday afternoon, the 20th. That makes Sunday the 30th my 10th day. Guh, that sounds like forever, and then there is two days to work my way back to real food. Well, I should be super ready to celebrate the 4th!

Fasting: Day 1

It has been at least a decade since I fasted more than one day. I have not decided how l long I will do, this time, but I am already thru the first 24 hours, now.

I had a glass of wine and some kombucha Thursday night, and a herb tea. The tea is laxative, because without food to push out waste, it does not leave your system. The tea killed my appetite, which was kind of nice.

Got thru the day with about 500 calories worth of maple lemonade, a big cup of black tea and a lot of water. Took a couple of short walks, felt ok except quite hungry several times.

My bad cholesterol has gotten high in the last 4 to 5 years – my husband loves to cook with butter and we eat eggs and cheese every day. So I am in the midst of the liver and gallbladder flush, too. It has done me a lot of good in the past, adduced my mother’s bad cholesterol, considerably.

But it is not pleasant…requires drinking Epsom salts for one thing. HORRIBLE. This will all be over in a day, and I will feel much better.

Chakra Gearhead

Playing with my niece’s toys, one of which has a series of brightly colored gears with knobs on top. Each gear spins opposite the ones on either side of it, and turning any of them turned them all. I spun them with glee, listening to the plastic rattle. My niece was not very impressed.

I use the modern adaptation of chakras in meditation. THe chakras are located the same places within the body, but the symbols are simpler and their colors are from the light spectrum. The chakras are supposed to spin. There was a “right way” for them to spin but I couldn’t remember which way was correct.

My next meditation, unbidden, my chakras each spun opposite the ones on either side. Red, yellow, blue and white spun one way, and orange, green and purple spun the other. I still don’t remember which way they spun, but their interconnected movement delighted me. Seeing them named like this, I realize they’re roughly split into primary and secondary colors.

Chakras are imaginary – formed of imaginarium? ether? pretendia? or perhaps they exist as energy, part of the nervous system. The latter is what I’ve been taught and what I usually believe. So far, the system has been helpful for focusing on health and healing, dividing functions and assigning them to one of the chakra. I like the system but have no scientific proof they exist.

This gives me the freedom to change the system if I need. The chakras have helped people all over Earth and does not prejudice a practitioner against deities or ethnicity. Yet I am sure if I explained to a traditional practitioner, they would insist I was incorrect.

People war over these kinds of ideas. Imaginary concepts, used personally by individuals, standardized and defended by religions. It might be the way that works for you, but with just a little incendiary speech from leaders, people who imagine things differently will murder you over the difference.

I personally enjoy the varieties of beliefs and imagination. Please carry on and allow me to do the same.