Save My Home?

We attended a developer’s meeting on Monday about a new home building project next to us. I see that the city’s plan to expand the roads (2040) would work well with this development. By “work well” I mean it would save the city time and expense.

My idea would ALSO save both mine and my neighbor’s home. Can I get a thumb’s up? I do not want our homes destroyed!

I hope we can point out to the city of Murfreesboro this simple, easy solution. The new home development will need roads, the city needs this road expansion. This idea of mine would take out a major curve in the proposed road and leave the surrounding homes intact.

Problem is, the director of city planning would not hear this idea. At least not on the first meeting, which one of my neighbors had arranged. The Director ordered him to leave.

Let me say again: this is a simple, easy, faster, less expensive solution to what would otherwise be a long, painful, expensive project for the city. Good all around!

But we need this to get heard!

I need advice? How to communicate as a homeowner and individual, with the city department that holds the fate of my home in its grip? I hear bulldozers in my sleep. The dread is indescribable.

I know that engineers are sensible and logical folk. I need to approach or communicate with them in a way that makes this solution of mine obvious. Because it is!

My suggestion to put the proposed road thru the new development is good for the city and its planners, less expensive, and causes the least harm and destruction to my neighborhood and home. Surely that should go over well?

Advice is welcome! Help me save my home? ❤️

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