Food! End of the MCLF 2019

A week ago this evening, I ate raw greens for dinner, fresh out of my garden. Basil, wild grape leaves, mustard greens, mint, lemon balm, and hyssop, which I ate with raw apple cider vinegar. It was a bit like chewing a lot of gum, if gum were also a bit stringy. But this was the first necessary step to coming back to normal eating.

Breakfast and lunch were the same on Saturday, and then dinner was fresh fruit: grapes and watermelon. Sunday breakfast and lunch were more watermelon, apple and grapes, but to be honest, the grapes were terribly sweet.

AND THEN, SUNDAY EVENING there was salmon, steamed mixed vegetables, rice pasta in cheese sauce, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. It was marvellous, even tho I only ate half of it. I should have poured half a glass of wine, a whole glass was too much. The leftovers made a wonderful lunch on Monday. My belly was in perfect shape and I had zero issues eating normally.

The fast was a good experience, over all. From it, I learned I need just one serving of alcohol per day, and that I can handle being hungry but not famished. The lingering cough disappeared, but tinnitus came back full bore. I do not know if my body worked on removing the bones puts in my neck, but I hope so.

I hope to get or build a shoulder stand, so that I can do inversions and increase blood flow to my head and ears. I hope that will address the tinnitus. There has to be some way to heal the inner ear.