Dear Senator Corker,

I am disturbed to learn that people coming to our United States of America in need of asylum, are instead being jailed. Jail is not a place for people in need of help. Neither are containment camps. Do we no longer consider a person to be innocent until proven guilty?

Even if a person has entered without proper documents, this is a misdemeanor, correct? Equivalent to impersonating a member of 4-H, or wearing the US flag as clothing?

I am even more disturbed to learn that parents are separated from their children. This is wrong, unless there is proof of abuse.

It is a sad thing to treat people with a presumption of guilt. This is not how I, as a citizen, want people treated when they come into our country.

Please do what you can to return the USA to a more sensible handling of immigration and asylum seekers. Our government should work with people to document their entry, and treat them humanely in the process.

Thank you.