I read two posts from Wyomingians complaining about science deniers. One pointed out that they are seeing 100 degree summer days, extremely unusual. The second person replied about their getting rain in Winter, which they agreed was crazy. They are desperate; the place they live in and count on has gone unpredictable with changing climate.

Lots of people posted replies, having recently been mislead into the fiction that global warming will cause an instant ice age to occur. This is what happens when people get their science dis-information from Michael Bay films. I suppose the story has been recirculated by some conspiracy talk show host. Seriously, people assume that the giant iceberg that calved off Antarctica is going to cause an ice age to occur.

Because of all the heat.

Have you been sarcastic and had people take you seriously, even after you say it was a joke? Maybe you even explain, point out that you meant the opposite of what you said, but they do not comprehend and keep on with their misunderstanding. This is similar. Explain to these people that our farmlands are going to turn into desert and they think you are telling them that desert is where food comes from.

I do not know how to express to jokers that serious issues are actually real. I spent ten years attempting to communicate genuinely with my ex husband, which he found endlessly amusing. I had no life worth living, being nothing better than a joke to him. I left.

We cannot solve climate change by leaving jokers. We cannot walkout the door and be free of them. They live here on Earth with us. Maybe that is what needs to change. Let's send them all to Venus. They do not care that we are heating up our planet, so let's send them off to where greenhouse effect is strong enough to melt metal.

That was sarcasm. We cannot ship science deniers to Venus. Just in case you thought I really meant that.


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