Tree Planting Record

Dear Senator Corker,

Recently, people of India landed a record number of trees in 24 hours. Not long after that, they broke their own record! 

Trees are amazing when it comes to environment. Tree shade cools the ground by soaking up the sunlight. I am old enough to remember when tree shade was the only “air conditioning” we had! Trees also slow down and soak up rain, which prevents floods from happening. 

The most important thing trees do is create good soil. Without trees, there would be no farmland. Places where all the trees are cleared for farmland have turned into desert. That is what happened to the Fertile Cresent. 

India planted these trees to roll back climate change. But trees are worth so much, they are good for so many more reasons. Life thrives in trees, under trees, because of trees. That includes our human lives. 

Earlier this year, I got 10 free trees from the Tennessee Conservation program. Nine of them have survived so far. My property lost far more trees that this in last year’s drought.

Would it be possible for Tennessee to give India a “run for its money” and challenge them on a tree planting record? It would do us a world of good. 

Thank you,