Reach Across, People

I am sick of political sniping.
I need real conversations on serious topics. My friends and relatives span the political spectrum. Instead of being able to discuss, most people regurgitate the shite that talking heads present as “facts” or “opinions”.

I see mockery instead of debate. This is tiresome. Reporters pose trick questions to people they disagree with and laugh behind their backs after being given a genuine answer. It gets us nowhere, in fact this sets us back.

I get mad and scream “TRICK QUESTION” at my television, like we used to yell at the teacher in grade school. Yes, I get so mad I forget the pundits on TV can’t hear me. I have to laugh at myself about this, to keep from just feeling defeated.

Americans assume that everyone who opposes them are “idiots”. This is so wrong.

Let me say that again. It is WRONG to assume that people who oppose you are stupid.

Did we learn nothing from school sports? The other team is necessary to play a game. They have their reasons, their talents and strategies, you have yours. And you are competing for the same goal. Coaches and teachers taught us to appreciate the opposing team. Where would we be without each other? Alone, going nowhere, that is where.

This is true of our political game, too. Both sides of politics wants our country do well. We want good things.

Some of those good things are really compatible. For instance, keeping our country secure and going solar. Equality and religious freedom. Individualism and education.

It is SO EASY to fight, split up, disagree. All you need is an unpleasant surprise. Let it grow into shock, disdain and anger, fueled by impatience from having to repeat yourself and failing to listen.

It is not pleasant to find out that your fellow patriots disagree with you. But let’s put some effort into weaving our country out of
both kinds of thread, thread pointing in different directions. That’s really how it works. Each intersection makes the fabric softer.

Because our country does not exist, not without all of us creating it together every day. It will be gone in the blink of an eye unless we work together.

Reach across. Reach up, reach down. Hold on to the people on the other side.


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