National Security and Public Lands

Dear Senator Corker,
I was stunned this weekend to hear that a Russian spymaster was allowed (invited) into the Oval Office, a place that has been off-limits to our former adversary for decades. Is this correct? Did this happen? I do not know what kind of security issues this might raise, what secrets might exist in that room. But whatever is there is now open and available to a country that has behaved aggressively towards the US and many of our allies.

This action was outside of your control, I am sure. But I am seriously concerned about the security of our executive office.

A business office might welcome a competitor, but the USA is not available for sale.
Or at least, it should NOT be available for sale. Our nation is bought and paid for by our own taxes and in the case of our military, our people’s lives.

I also learned this past week that Tennessee is seeking to turn our beautiful state parks over to private control. My concern here is similar to the above: this is my state. Those parks are maintained and kept in the interest of myself and our visitors. If private industries wish to run natural sites, they are welcome to seek out and purchase land that is for sale and leave our parks out of the question.

I do not wish to see our public lands turned over to the care of private companies. I do not want our lands developed or “improved”. These parks should remain basic and available to visitors as inexpensive, close destinations. Our parks provide rest and rejuvenation for people who cannot afford resorts or hotels, they provide homes for native wildlife, they provide open spaces for peoples whose lives are mostly enclosed.

Public lands comprise just 3% of the USA lands. These parks are our public treasures. Private industry wants to hoard treasure for its own purposes. There is plenty of opportunity for private industry in the remaining 90+ percent.

Please use what influence you have to shore up our security issues where Russia is concerned.

Please vote to keep our public parks and forests safely in the hands of the US public.


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