GotG 2 Cast Signs

US adventure movies are often populated by Gemini-and-Cancer-heavy casts. This film also features two Capricorns, opposite of Cancer, reinforcing the script’s parenting theme.

Michael Rooker 6 Apr 1955 Aries
Pom Klementieff 3 May 1986 Taurus
Zoe Saldana 19 June 1978 Gemini
Sean Gunn 22 May 1974 Gemini
Chris Pratt 21 June 1979 Gem/Canc
Chris Sullivan 3 July 1965 Cancer
Sly Stallone 6 July 1946 Cancer
Vin Diesel 18 July 1967 Cancer
Elizabeth Debicki ? Aug 1990 ? Leo/Vir
Karen Gillan 28 Nov 1987 Sagittarius
Bradley Cooper 5 Jan 1975 Capricorn
Dave Bautista 18 Jan 1969 Capricorn
Kurt Russell 17 Mar 1951 Pisces


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