So Many People

Any time I travel to unfamiliar places, the homes and cars intrigue me. They are strange, even if they are just like the houses and cars I know from home. These belong to people I have never met, even tho I have met thousands of people. I look at windows that frame strangers and I wonder. 

Thousands of houses on scores of roads. 

I have passed by maybe one one hundredth of the world’s humans in my day. Walking or riding thru big cities like Dallas, Chicago, London, you pass shoulder by should with more people than you could ever know. They live beside you, unknown no yet familiar. 

Millions of windows, billions of souls. 

People are the same, everywhere. Everywhen. If you have gotten to know more than a few people, really know then, then no one is really a stranger. 

This fact has no impact on the wonder I feel when travelling. Cars, houses, windows, shoulders, so many strange people, all here together. 


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