Fifty Fifty

Political discourse in its recent excess has turned a lot of people bitter. Others are endlessly enraged. Myself, I am sick of name-calling taking debate’s place.

People are calling each other names like Snowflakes, deplorables, cucks, nasty women. When these names get used, I know that logic is gone and taken hope with it. 

Half my friends are liberals, half my friends are conservatives. I find that both sides have compassion, thoughtfulness, education and reason. Both sides have radicals, hatred, hyperbole and rage. Both sides believe in personal responsibility and both defer to helplessness when affected by larger forces.

I like long range social programs. I like individualism. I favour the rugged and the vulnerable. I love secular humanism and I am deeply spiritual. 

The rage that inspires name calling is easy to explain and understand. I know we each have to let off steam, vent some rage. I hate when that venting comprises the entire political debate. 

Give me your ear, hear me out. Activate your listening devices. I will push thru my impatience to follow your thread to its fullness. We all deserve to be heard. We each need to be responsible for our own opinions. We all need to weigh real facts and admit our own bias and indebtedness. 

Meet me in the middle. I will make it worth your trouble. You can go home when we are done.


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