Mid April Summer Day

Weather Forecast said we would reach 80f / 26C this mid-April day in Tennessee. We dressed to work outside, then decided to start the day with a run instead and headed to the park. 

Teddy the heeled laborador puppy is three and a half in the old and learning leash manners. I took him on my run. It had been five months since I last got to run I felt recovered and smarter, ran two miles, and did great! No pain. Teddy did fairly well, did not jerk too much or trip me. He enjoyed the run. And I hit lots of poke stops to get poke balls to catch Pokemon. 

Garden had weeded over with henbit, bitter cress, false geranium and chickweed. I lulled buckets full and dumped them in the chicken pen. The birds ran in terror, then the boldest returned to scratch thru the green pile. The second bucket was met with real enthusiasm. Even if one bird just stood on top, eyeing the height of the wire wall. 

The weed plants were tall and broad with narrow bases. Easy to pull, but next time they will be smaller and mor numerous. Good thing I learned how to use a garden hoe.

We have two rain barrels, which stood upside down all winter. That way, ice would not burst their walls. I turned one upright a couple weeks ago and set it back on its base, which sits on the concrete patio. 

The second rain barrel was another story. Its base sat on gravel, which winter rains and frost heave had shifted. Today, I moved the blocks and bricks, scraped the gravel flat, and reassembld the base. The barrel is upright and ready for the storms predicted for Tuesday. 

Got my big flowerpots set up around the rain barrel, watered them and pondered what flowers they might contain. 

Needed a break from heavy yard work. Pulled out acrylic paints, a gold umbrella and my bag of smooth white beach stones. Painted an egg shaped stone as an Easter egg, painted a square stone as a landscape with a flying bee, painted red roses, yellow roses, and yellow daisies. Also painted one that said “love you mom” where mom is Earth. 

The garden behind our apartment featured a cement dragon figure in three sections. Frost heave is destroying it, since it sat on soil where it constantly soaked up water. I cleared off some native stone, typical to this area, and moved the broken tail section a few days ago. The exposed stone is at one end of a large iris bed. 

I used our heavy weight dolly to move the dragon head. I was not able to move the more awkward middle arch. Maybe husband can help me move it soon. Then the dragon will swim again. 

Pulled poison parsley starts from the hyacinth bed under the central cedar tree. It is poison to eat, but not to touch. Want the hyacinths to gain more sunlight and increase. Last year, only one bloomed. This year, half a dozen bloomed. Hurrah! 

Found another poison ivy start. Saw four o’clock starts. Trimmed weed tree saplings. Sent threatening stare towards the poison ivy. 
Listened to husband. Talked to Mother in law and talked to daughter.  Walked the dog again, got a shower, sat down eat homemade pizza, courtesy of my husband, and we are splitting a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. 


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