A Few Health & Diet Tips for Not-Rich People

No time to eat healthy?

1. Snack on baby carrots. They are sweet and crunchy, are not messy, and they last for a couple weeks in your crisper drawer. Yeah, they are still good even if they are a little dry and have turned a little bit white on the outside. Add them to a stew if you can’t handle them being old & dry. Pairs really well with PB&J.

2. 5-Can-Stew. Make it in a slow cooker, takes about 10 minutes to fix, including rinsing the cans.

1 can diced tomato
1 tiny can of tomato paste
1 can of spinach with its juice
1 can of baby potatoes or corn with its water/juice. Both if you have no fear of carbohydrates.
1 can of pinto beans, rinse in a colander first

Load them in your slow cooker, add pepper and garlic if you like, & turn the slow cooker on low for the day. Or, put them in a big pot on the stove, medium low for about half hour. Serve with a slice of cheese on top if you want to be fancy.

Picky eater?

1. Add romaine lettuce to your sandwiches. Don’t worry about your spouse or your kids. Just add it, it goes on any sandwich that doesn’t include jelly. See if you can do this every day. Get two leaves, rinse, shake, fold, put on sandwich.

2. Dried fruit can be a good substitute for candy. Raisins and prunes are the most popular, but you can get dried apple, cranberry and apricot, too.
p.s. prunes are sometimes just called “dried plums”.

3. Mix your favorite sugary breakfast cereal half & half with a healthy plain one you can stand. Half-way is much better than not at all.

No time for yoga?

1. Touching your toes is one of the best stretches. If you can only reach your knees…or thighs, it is still helpful. Keep your back straight. Do this stretch any time you realize you feel stiff and you are not also driving your car.

Bonus: when doing this stretch, turn slightly to touch the outside of each foot/leg/knee to prevent shin splints.

Bonus 2: bring your hands to above your knees & look ahead of you, take a really deep breath, then stretch down again. Feels great.

2. Neck stretches help with stress. Look down. Just let your head rest foward and take a couple breaths. Look up. Just let your head rest back. Take a couple breaths. Then push your chin out and take a couple more breaths. Shake your head just a tiny bit while you’re still looking up.

No money for a gym?

1. Mow your own lawn. Use a push mower or reel mower.
Tip: split your yard into in three equal parts to make the job less onerous and get in more, shorter work outs.

2. Stand up as much as you can, when working or watching TV, whatever. Bob your knees every few minutes, then lift your knees. Or, sway a little while bobbing each knee.
Bonus: do squats a couple times an hour.

3. Take the stairs, even just to the first storey before getting on an elevator.

4. Get a used treadmill or stationary bike and put it in front of your TV or gaming station. Walk/ride while watching and/or playing games.

5. YouTube has exercise videos for free. Loads of them.
Bonus: dance is good exercise and it is way fun.
Tired all the time?

1. Learn how to nap. Here is how: when you lay down, you usually fall a little bit asleep and wake back up before you really fall asleep. To nap, don’t get as far as really falling asleep. Get up after that first little doze. You will feel better for awhile with just that few moments of rest.
Tip: If you instantly fall asleep as soon as you lay down, you are dangerously exhausted. Go to bed for real.


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