Coasts Inundated

Dear Senator Corker,

We are land-locked here in Tennessee, so we will not see the ocean’s rising in our cities. Some of our neighboring states will. Tennessee and Tennesseans will need to be ready to welcome people fleeing from coastal cities like Mobile, Pensacola, maybe even Charleston or Galveston.

Forty percent of Americans live on our coasts. Miami and Atlantic City are already getting inundated as our ocean levels rise. Soon, all coastal cities will be flooding.

People living on our coasts will not have a return on the investments they had in their homes. Their flooded houses and lawns won’t be saleable. They will lose whatever equity they had. Flood insurance can’t cover everything when entire cities go under water.

A lot of people now in Florida, the Atlantic and Gulf coasts will likely come to Tennessee. What plans do we have for these people, fleeing our coasts, who will need new homes and to re-start their lives? We need to get ready to help these folks.

Thank you for hearing my concerns.

(Sent today via Senator Corker’s contact page)


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