Stand Up Desk: day 4

Stand up desk levels up or down so you can stand or sit as needed. Using it should help my spine strength improve.

One of the first things standing caused was my outermost 4 toes going numb. I pulled up music on YouTube and started dancing. The numbness disappeared. Asked my chiropractor about this on Tuesday and he said that being still was the problem. The numbness actually originates in the low back. Just move every few minutes and problem solved.

This works SO WELL with my ADHD, it’s fantastic. I fidget like a mofo and love to dance. It’s flipping fantastic. Not htat I can flip or anything, never was a gymnast, but now I have flipping fantasabileness. Or something. New desk-dancing routines are in development, but mostly I bob my knees. Which makes my head bobble. Which makes me laugh.

I stood for half the day Monday. I was fatigued at the end of day and my calves hurt, but I was not nearly as tired and had gotten more done than usual.

I stood maybe 2/3rds of Tuesday. Other than being a bit sore, I felt so much more optimistic and energetic by end of day, and again, got more done than usual.

It’s Wednesday and my feet hurt. They hurt yesterday too. I talked to Amanda who pointed out that the building has concrete slab foundation. I probably need a foam standing mat. $$. I grabbed two padded envelopes from the trash to stand on, today.

Finally sat down around 2pm.


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