Coasts Inundated

Dear Senator Corker,

We are land-locked here in Tennessee, so we will not see the ocean’s rising in our cities. Some of our neighboring states will. Tennessee and Tennesseans will need to be ready to welcome people fleeing from coastal cities like Mobile, Pensacola, maybe even Charleston or Galveston.

Forty percent of Americans live on our coasts. Miami and Atlantic City are already getting inundated as our ocean levels rise. Soon, all coastal cities will be flooding.

People living on our coasts will not have a return on the investments they had in their homes. Their flooded houses and lawns won’t be saleable. They will lose whatever equity they had. Flood insurance can’t cover everything when entire cities go under water.

A lot of people now in Florida, the Atlantic and Gulf coasts will likely come to Tennessee. What plans do we have for these people, fleeing our coasts, who will need new homes and to re-start their lives? We need to get ready to help these folks.

Thank you for hearing my concerns.

(Sent today via Senator Corker’s contact page)

Remember to What?

You Know You’re ADHD When…you forget to take your allergy drops because you distracted yourself by planning to take your allergy drops as soon as you remember to take them.

This morning I was re-filling the water pitcher and remembered to take the drops. I thought, “I’ll take them as soon as I’m done with the pitcher.” Then I thought, “No, I’ll forget by then. The important thing is to do it as soon as you remember.” And I visualized myself putting everything down to go take the drops.

I thought that was brilliant, and I agreed with myself, and planned to take them AS SOON AS I REMEMBERED. Every time! Good plan.

And in all that thinking, I forgot to take them. The drops were about four feet away from me, in plain sight. I put the pitcher away and remembered the drops when I arrived in the parking lot at work.

Today is a high pollen count day, so my eyes itch like mad. Because I forgot those drops.

Last night, I ate half my dinner so I could save the other half for lunch today. I exercised restraint (except for wine) and was super proud of myself. “This is how it’s done! Cut back on calories and save time.” Half my salmon and almost half my sweet potato fries went into a container.

I left the container on the counter to cool. “Don’t want to waste electricity, putting hot food into the refrigerator. Maybe I should set a timer to remind myself to put the food away! Hey, I’ll use the microwave oven timer!”

Then I left the kitchen. I did not set the timer. My container was still waiting on the counter this morning. Now my intended lunch is an offering to the buzzards.

Stand Up Desk: day 4

Stand up desk levels up or down so you can stand or sit as needed. Using it should help my spine strength improve.

One of the first things standing caused was my outermost 4 toes going numb. I pulled up music on YouTube and started dancing. The numbness disappeared. Asked my chiropractor about this on Tuesday and he said that being still was the problem. The numbness actually originates in the low back. Just move every few minutes and problem solved.

This works SO WELL with my ADHD, it’s fantastic. I fidget like a mofo and love to dance. It’s flipping fantastic. Not htat I can flip or anything, never was a gymnast, but now I have flipping fantasabileness. Or something. New desk-dancing routines are in development, but mostly I bob my knees. Which makes my head bobble. Which makes me laugh.

I stood for half the day Monday. I was fatigued at the end of day and my calves hurt, but I was not nearly as tired and had gotten more done than usual.

I stood maybe 2/3rds of Tuesday. Other than being a bit sore, I felt so much more optimistic and energetic by end of day, and again, got more done than usual.

It’s Wednesday and my feet hurt. They hurt yesterday too. I talked to Amanda who pointed out that the building has concrete slab foundation. I probably need a foam standing mat. $$. I grabbed two padded envelopes from the trash to stand on, today.

Finally sat down around 2pm.


Got a stand-up desk at work last week. It was set up Friday afternoon. I finished up the week’s tasks whilst dancing in place.

I stood all of Monday morning, and sat most of the afternoon. My legs were fatigued but I was less tired than usual by the end of day. This makes my fitness app setting out of date; I changed it to “light active”. No longer sendentary desk sitter!

Standing still resulted in several of my toes going numb. I asked my chiropractor about it this morning. He said that toe numbness begins in the lower back, and movement will prevent it. So, I am dancing a lot today.

25 years of sitting still are over! This is exciting, especially considering my family history of heart disease. I look forward to better health.

Sunday Night

Attempted to wear out the puppy. Succeeded, but also wore out self. Watching him destroy an old egg carton was hilarious. He really throws himself into the job when it comes time to destroy things. 

Husband talked about pursuing my goals today. He reminded me that I need to speak up when I need help an encouragement. 

Found new pokey monsters at the park today. Am level 15 now. Nice to find a fun game that includes and encourages walking in parks and finding historical and cultural points. I have walked past so many pokestops in the past, never noticing them. Good game design. 

Letter to Senator Corker, 3 March 2017

Dear Senator,
There is nothing more vital than clean air, clean water, clean and abundant soil. We are what we eat, breathe, and drink. That is literal truth, not hyperbole or sentiment.
I am disturbed by any threat to the protective agency that was built to ensure our environment is habitable. Even with the EPA, we have failed to protect our environment! Climate change is proceeding with terrifying speed. Americans’ water supply is poisoned with lead, petrol, coal ash. Soil depth is diminishing, fresh water tables are dropping.
Please do _more_ to protect our environment. More than what we have done in the past, not less.

Thank you!
E. McConnell