True Facts

Fashion is revealing your underwear. Ever since the first layer went over the loincloth, revealing a flash of loincloth has been fashionable.
It’s not about being a whore or a punk. It’s just fashion. You’re going to see underwear.
Teen boy boxer shorts. Girl bra. Things you wear that used to be undercloths:

Skirts with lace at the hem
Peasant Blouses
Tank tops

Cafeteria means “place that dispenses coffee.” The food has always been incidental.

Social Media does not spell the End of Times. Just like ATM banking, microwave ovens, rock music, bikinis, automobiles, roller skating and short skirts did not bring an end to the world. Quit apocolypting, already.

Paleolithic people (“paleo”) ate carbs. And fruit. And grains and tubers and greens. And meat and bugs and fish. Paleo people ate anything and everything they could get their hands on. They still do. There are paleolithic tribes alive today.

“New” should rhyme with “few” and “pew”. Like “sew” used to do. Thanks, Rodgers & Hammerstein, that spelling USED to make sense.

Science is about real things. It’s kind of boring unless you’re also into real things. Science hasn’t gotten to all of the real things yet. There is more science to come. Give it time.

There has always been crap. Crap furniture, crap music, crap clothes, crap books. 80% of the stuff made is no good. We either forget it or throw it out. But we keep the good stuff. That’s why the past looks so doggone rosey. It actually wasn’t any better than what we’ve got now.

People have always been like they are now. Youth has always been ignorant. Old people have always been grumpy.

“Corduroy” or “cord du roy” means cloth of kings. Well, it USED to mean that. Now it means “pants with sound effects.”


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