I have something to tell you, something radical and almost secret. Meditation occurs naturally.

Yes, that is it, that is the radical almost-secret. You probably meditated for months, maybe years of your early life.

And you were punished for it. People clapped their hands, snapped their fingers at you, barked or yelled to get you to stop it. Here’s what those people sounded like:

“Wake up! Hey!”
“Stay with us, here! This isn’t dream time.”
“Did you leave us?”

People put their faces right up into your face and forced eye contact. They looked back and forth between your eyes, their brows raised and then furrowed. They spoke with sarcasm and derision. They clapped their hands, snapped fingers in front of your eyes, maybe slapped you.

“Hey! Are you in there?”
“Where did you go?”
“You were lost!” and “Are you back?”

You were startled, frightened by this ruckus. Loud noise is something we instinctively fear. Maybe you were even slapped or shaken; you were ridiculed. I’ve seen people pull chairs out from under naturally meditating children, dumping them on the floor and laughing at them.

They trained you to associate meditation with fear. Is it any wonder that Western adults have such trouble “learning” to meditate?

Do you have trouble meditating? Next time you decide to give meditation a try, maybe first, take a moment to flip off and cuss out the people who treated you like this. Tell people off who acted like you were a social pariah for taking a moment to relax.

Is that how they want to be awakened from sleep? People yelling, clapping, shaking them first thing in the morning? No, they do _not_ like that at all. They are hypocrites for doing that to you.
I want to be able to tell people off when they startle me out of a natural meditation. But I am so taken aback that I cannot even speak. I just say a prayer that karma will beat the shit out of them on my behalf.

Respect people’s quietude, whether or they are adult or still children. If you cannot bring yourself to treat people with respect when you see someone lost in thought, then go fuck off someplace else. Come back when you have learned better.

You are right to slip into a gentle moment, to entertain a dream, to wonder. You have the right to relax this way and so do I.