America is a Confused People

America is a confused people. Three Americans got sick with Ebola last year. None of them died, but we were ready to shut down the country, burn the constitution, bomb friends and enemies alike to prevent the disease from spreading.

Things that ACTUALLY kill people get a half a shrug and a “What can you do?” Hundreds of thousands of us die of preventable diseases and causes every year. Argue that an American’s diet is making them sick, you will likely be a answered, “Hey, got to die sometime”.  Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes top the death list; a majority of those deaths could have been avoided with good diet and exercise.

Aside from special interest groups, Americans live in a world of pure imagination. Serial killers, zombies, and exotic viruses, dangers to virtually no one, uniformly work all of us into a frenzy. Spiders and snakes, literally harmless for the most part, inspire unmitigated terror. They suffer the kind of hate-filled slaughter usually reserved for original peoples.

Meanwhile, every time another mass shooting hits the news, Americans hit the gun stores and sales of guns soar. It’s as tho the NRA hires unstable, angry outsiders to sacrifice themselves for marketing purposes.

It comes down to this:

Things Americans Are Willing to Die for:

Tobacco Smoke
Fried Foods
Right to bear arms (except long knives)
Plastic Surgery
Isolated Psychopaths
Religious Psychopaths
War, if it involves any of the above

Things Americans are NOT willing to Die for:

Poor People
Weird People
War, if it involves any of the above

I do not understand this. It is a baffling dynamic, it defies logic. I do know that as this trend continues, my chance of dying in a hail of gunfire increases. And so does my daughter’s.

We require American citizens to register to vote – the most valuable, constitutionally guaranteed American action.  Voters have to register by a certain deadline, wait for their cards to arrive via USPS, and then present proof of identification. If we can do that,  we can put requirements on gun ownership. If we can require women to travel long distances and wait up to 72 hours to get abortions, which are guaranteed legal by our federal government, we can at least require prospective gun owners to wait.

Or, not.


Realized on my walking break this morning that about 30% of what I thought was belly fat is actually bad posture allowing belly contents to push forward. My abdominal muscles were not pulling strongly enough to keep my guts in place.

Vacation last week:  I worked out every day. Might have been 10 minutes of yoga and a mile walk, might have been a nice long run. Got out there and got into shape. Feel good about that.

Back to desk job this week, back to fighting the “sitting is the new smoking” paradigm. Fight fighty fight fight.

Every vacation I re-discover my love of exercise, my love of sewing, of singing, of piano, of dance, of gardening, of bicycle riding, of tickle fights, of outdoors, of painting.

So, yeah, this is about the 50th time I have achieved this realization about my belly. I worked on pulling it in, breathing correctly, keeping it in the right place for my whole morning walk. Such muscle wall! So strong! Posture good!

Next, I will rediscover how much I love lunchtime. Oh wow! Food! I love this stuff! ❤  ❤