RIP David Bowie

I first saw David Bowie in his holiday video with Bing Crosby and then his own Blue Jean video. I liked some his songs in the 1980’s, and especially “Let’s Dance”. He intrigued and frightened me as the Goblin King.

I am torn up about David Bowie passing. I’m baffled by this emotion; I was not a huge fan, I never purchased his albums, posters, or even a button of his.

But it’s everyone. Bowie was loved all over the world. He wasn’t mine, he was OURS.

He represented the strange and misunderstood, and turned weirdness into fashion. He stood up for the helpless and gently mocked the wealthy.

He introduced us to tremendous style in a display of constant, shifting performances. 10 and 20 years later, those styles continued to pervade the mundane world, whether it was red hair dye or boldly patterned tights.

He worked at his art when young, when rich, when middle aged, and when ill. He was our Mozart, our muse, our wildest dreams come true.

Safe travels, Star Man, Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom, Jareth, David.


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