Id Cider

Carrots do not go with cider. Especially when it’s a dry cider. Blech.

Best friend Mary told me today about a grown man who would not walk his dogs, would not take his children to daycare or pick them up, who works from home but who in fact relies on his _customers_ to do most of his work for him. Mary is one of his customers, and any request she sends him is ignored or thrown back on her. Apparently he spends most of his time playing golf.

Lazy people confound me. Lazy people who are content, not resigned, but content to spend all of their free time playing games or absorbing media, who won’t care for their own pets or children, who refuse to take care of the details of their lives. How can they be alive? Doesn’t their brain drive them nuts? Can dreamless humans really exist?

I feel more calm about writing now. Boyfran explained to me last week that a lot of Americans suffer from “movie syndrome”. We believe every moment of our lives should be entertaining, as tho movies were how life should really be lived.

Consciously we know better, but the subconscious (Id) rules us. Id does not differentiate movie fantasy from living life. And to be honest, I think a lot of people do not have a conscious (Ego) mind at all; they live entirely at the whim of their Id, moving thoughtlessly from notion to notion. If you tell them NOT to do something, they will do it because they only hear the idea, not the warning. You know people like this: they are adult aged but still act like children. “Don’t touch that.” ::touch:: “Why did you touch it? I said not to.” “Yeah, I just…”

So if you have a notion to try carrots and cider right now, you are dealing with your Id. But seriously, don’t eat them together, it’s awful.


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