Chakra Gearhead

Playing with my niece’s toys, one of which has a series of brightly colored gears with knobs on top. Each gear spins opposite the ones on either side of it, and turning any of them turned them all. I spun them with glee, listening to the plastic rattle. My niece was not very impressed.

I use the modern adaptation of chakras in meditation. THe chakras are located the same places within the body, but the symbols are simpler and their colors are from the light spectrum. The chakras are supposed to spin. There was a “right way” for them to spin but I couldn’t remember which way was correct.

My next meditation, unbidden, my chakras each spun opposite the ones on either side. Red, yellow, blue and white spun one way, and orange, green and purple spun the other. I still don’t remember which way they spun, but their interconnected movement delighted me. Seeing them named like this, I realize they’re roughly split into primary and secondary colors.

Chakras are imaginary – formed of imaginarium? ether? pretendia? or perhaps they exist as energy, part of the nervous system. The latter is what I’ve been taught and what I usually believe. So far, the system has been helpful for focusing on health and healing, dividing functions and assigning them to one of the chakra. I like the system but have no scientific proof they exist.

This gives me the freedom to change the system if I need. The chakras have helped people all over Earth and does not prejudice a practitioner against deities or ethnicity. Yet I am sure if I explained to a traditional practitioner, they would insist I was incorrect.

People war over these kinds of ideas. Imaginary concepts, used personally by individuals, standardized and defended by religions. It might be the way that works for you, but with just a little incendiary speech from leaders, people who imagine things differently will murder you over the difference.

I personally enjoy the varieties of beliefs and imagination. Please carry on and allow me to do the same.


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