Hashtags for Saving our Ecosystem

World leaders meet in Paris soon to discuss how to pull us back from the brink of catastrophic, artificial climate change.  I’ve tweeted incessantly:

#climatehope #24HoursofReality #climateaction #WhyImWatching #EarthtoParis

A rain barrel on every downspout! Fresh rainwater is better than draining water from underground.

End lawn tyranny! Green the suburbs! Grow gardens & flowers & food forests! Why own .5 acre if not for gardening?

Photovoltaic carports over every parking lot. SOLAR PANELS SHADING ALL THE CAR PARKS. Cars in shade + solar farm = win

Down with disposable, up with biodegradable! Give tax breaks for biodegradable packaging and carry-out dishes!

Compostable, non-toxic food containers would reduce landfill. Re-useable as planters for gardens, too!

Methane is fuel! Clean and renewable! Let’s capture it and use it, every sewage plant and landfill becomes a power plant.

Turn waste into fuel, capture methane from sewage & ethanol from food waste. No drilling, no landfill! No drill no fill!

Replant coastal mangrove swamps to soften storm waves, protect & shade shorelines, rebuild wildlife homes

Offer classes & videos on green habits like how to sort recycling. Seeing is believing; seeing is also comprehending.

Every bin a recycling bin. Let’s all get on the composting wagon and eliminate new landfill

Give me solar panels ASAP! Make a genuine energy grid, decentralized for everyone’s safety. Photovoltaics FTW.

Let’s get moving on tree planting for shade, water conservation, CO2 absorption and food production. More trees, please.

Reusable packaging! Flour sacks become handtowels to use instead of paper towels, double benefit!

These are all things I think make positive headway against the damage we’ve done to our environment.  I forgot to mention camp showers (where you soap up with a washcloth before turning on the shower) and driving conservatively.  Yes, I’m the one with my cruise control set at 60mph on the Interstate.  And I’d rather be dozing on light rail, thank you very much.


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