Medium: between small and large, between earth and ether, between one and another

I walked on my treadmill for 20 minutes this evening. On the treadmill, I focus on form more than when walking outside. Pull my lower abs in, stretch my lungs to expand fully, make sure my twisted spine and weak side pull their share.

I need the treadmill now that we’ve returned to standard time. Sunset is 4:48pm, I don’t have time to run in the park because I get off work at 5:00 and the parks close at sunset. Not sure how I’ll get to keep running during the colder months? Last year I left work early, maybe? But then I lived 5 minutes from home and ran in the neighborhood. Now I’m 20 minutes from home and we have a pack of coywolves in this neighborhood. The treadmill stands between me and failing to reach my goals.

When we attempt to avoid a life lesson, what happens? The lesson re-appears like a stalker, again and again, until we finally get thru it. Life is the most dogged unrelenting teacher. When we chase the lessons, what happens? Life drops presents around you like a pet cat, like a trickster, like a game master. The gifts might be more like puzzles than presents but they all fit and are in your new favorite colors.

Tonight I sat with a friend and stretched out painful life lessons like latex balloons, seeing how far they could go until they broke. Tonight they snapped back and stung us but we know in time and with learning, the lessons will give way to wisdom. Life lessons are harsh. You have to give up so much to learn them. Give up certainty, give up protective stories, give up that rigid history that defined you, even if building that history was its own lesson.

Who stands with you? Who stands between you and that harsh lesson? Love is the medium, love knows the ins and outs, love is the friend who shares your pain.


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