It’s Heeeere

Recorded podcast this evening, had to request an edit. The topic that needed editing was work sensitive, i.e., me complaining about work. Hey, you’re around friends, you’re stressed, you say things that don’t need to be heard by the public.

The edit, according to Loyd, makes me sound like an alcoholic. In light of things, I am OK with this.

THe strongest hurricane ever recorded made landfall on Mexico’s west coast today. This monster, Patricia, has winds equivalent to an F5 tornado. It’s flinging cars like toys and flattening houses and forests. 30 years from now we will laugh hollowly and say, “Yeah, we thought that one was bad.”

I do what I can to tread lightly, as they say. I use squares cut from old T-shirts for facial tissues and plant trees. I use genuine cloth towels and washcloths, not paper towels or throwaways. I drive conservatively and turn off lights and faucets. I eat lots of organic food and less animal than plant material.

Surely, everyone will catch on before it’s too late. In time to pull back from the brink.
We have to, if we want to live. It’s not a movie, y’all. THese aren’t zombies or aliens or Kardashians. It’s real.


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