First World Fundamentalists and a Thanksgiving Cactus

Plot Planter
Vol 1
Ep 4

I ran on Saturday, ran 10 miles. Then I packed up a load of stuff from storage and headed home.

I’ve been separated from my stuff for 6 months. It looks very different to me now. Some things I look at and have no desire at all to own them. A few things have delighted me on sight, and a very few, I’ve been overjoyed to find.

I never have been interested in complicated things. As a child I wanted to own a backpack and a bicycle, a life where everything I owned had at least two uses.

I enjoy using things and having them when needed, but wish I could borrow most of what I use. I guess I’m built for community living? Or minimalism? Always thought this tendency stemmed from growing up as a military brat, moving houses fairly often, but it’s not a universal trait of military brats. I just like things to be simple. Maybe it’s an ADHD trait.

Fell asleep early Saturday evening, got up for a little while, then slept thru the night. A good night’s sleep is an occassion for joy.

SO after just 2.5 winters of unfrosted, carport-owning joy, I am facing winter sans carport again. Sullivan was covered in frost this morning, a mild frost but thorough in its coverage. I plan to make a microwaveable heat pad to go across the dashboard; hopefully the heat will rise and melt the windshield frost. And it’ll warm the interior a little bit, too. Running the motor at a standstill wastes petroleum. THat’s 0 miles per gallon, right there, in one of the least effecient motors we use. Definitely want a better solution.

Boyfriend needs a better job. A chef’s position in our town (not 25 miles into the big city) where the people are vested in the operation and are very good managers. Putting this out into the ‘Verse with a big slice of hope. He does very good work and is dedicated. Needs to find a job that deserves his level of work and will really benefit from having him there. Mutually beneficial and happy is the goal.

Houseplants are adjusting to life indoors. They really enjoyed the breezeway living they had, and now they are forced to live with window and lamp. Bless their hearts. Their little planty hearts. I have no idea what part of a plant is equivalent to our heart.

Read a blog today, a carefully constructed blog about how a Christian man should go about disciplining his wife. The first half of the blog demurred, gently arguing why people disagree with them on the perceived necessity of this fundamentalist lifestyle. I cannot pretend to be objective on this point; I came very close to vomiting when I read their points on why to discipline and how. I’m not against being offended, but I am very much against being abused. Their view of “discipline” is very similar to the emotional and psychological abuse I am far too familiar with. It frightened and enraged me.

Religion gets mis-used this way the whole world over.  Its power over the individual is used for control over the minds and lives of its people.  This is probably the most hateful mis-use of power known to humanity.

My friends posting about it were of the same mind as myself, I am glad to say. They were similiarly enraged and discouraged. I was glad to be among them, if only via social media.

I hope my Christmas cactus blooms this winter. It blooms at the dark of the year, which has usually turned out to be THanksgiving by its little planty reckoning. Different home this year, different exposure. It’s also been re-potted and has many new sprouts. We’ll see what turns up.


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