White Office

Plot Planter
Vol 1
Ep 5.41

Yesterday started with meditation and coffee, like it’s supposed to do. I felt rushed and busy from the past week’s schedule. I started yoga and writing about the same time, in addition to the singing and running schedule, and work and stuff.

Halfway thru the morning my daughter, who I was looking forward to seeing that night, to say, “Qua?” THere was no event in my town that night.
I had mis-read the calendar.
Really badly.

The event is two and a half weeks away, and the one I mistook for a Thursday event isn’t in my town. I felt stupid and honestly I was crushed. I cried at the drop of a hat for the next 3 hours, luckily I had no appointments.

I was supposed to run after work and was thinking about 3 to 5 miles. Boyfriend called, tho, and set up a meeting. We were going to meet his friend Mike E, they’re starting up a guitar shop. Re-starting on Mike E’s part; he had a shop for 25 years. They both play and BF wants to both help him and get into that business.

Voice lesson as soon as I got home. It went surprisingly well. Drank a few glasses of wine and fell into bed.

BUsy isn’t a unique problem. So much I want to do in each of my 24 hours.

Dreamt that the office removed all our cubicles and had us at white, anonymous, empty desks. It slowly got better as they added houseplants and artwork on the wall, then I found myself wandering halls full of school children taking naps on clean futons. I wound up staring out a round window in a white cement wall, at a momunment circle of a downtown scene.

Alarm clock.


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