Hardy Cyclamen Sounds Like a Pharmaceutical Marketeer’s Character

Plot Planter
Vol 1
ep 2

Storms coming in. Read today about people facing bizarre weather due to Climate Change. One guy wrote about hurricane-strength straight line winds in Michigan that ripped full grown trees straight out of the ground. Another wrote that he just barely missed the 8 and 10 feet of snow that hit New England last year. He said, Sure we get lake-effect snow but NOT like THAT. Sounds like the message is finally sinking in.

Meditation this morning was a mess, I kept daydreaming but did eventually get thru the basics. Maybe 6 minutes isn’t long but it’s 6 more minutes than I’d been doing before and that is pretty effing awesome in my book. See? Deadlines ARE good things.

Tried to look up the marching band grand nationals that are going on next month. No schedule, just dates. Site didn’t even post what time the events began each day. Just the place and dates. Oh, and ticket prices, because of course they want to sell those. I’d like to take a Megabus to get there but need to know start times so I can figure if I’ll arrive in time or not. Of course, with Megabus there’s really only one option, and that’s to go on Friday and leave Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Not a lot of options. But hey, it’s like $10 both ways or something ridiculous like that.

Got to have dinner with a friend tonight. Asked my boyfriend what he thought of her place and he said it looked pretty much like mine. Heh! We both love bright colors, in order, with lots of house plants and sparkly, dangling, jingly things around. At work I really need to hook up a tree frog sound generator to make my jungle more legit.

Listened to some odd music today, lots of 90’s and 00’s, like Christina Aguilera and Fun. Nice to have something different for a change.

Mary told me that someone in Sweden developed a tube that drained food directly from your stomach into a bag so that you could overeat on purpose. EW. E to the freaking W!!

Why is it that I just have to have houseplants? I suffer without them. But I don’t know why that is so. Is it just indoor gardening? I suffer without gardens, too. Living in an apartment was tolerable for a few months but then I was literaly grieving for places to dig and plant. I’m not a terrific gardener – most of my fruits and vegetables suffer – but I still love to do it. I love to design gardens too, altho probably half my gardens are spontaneous or just did not follow my plan.

The hardy cyclamen I transplanted at Sunrise last autumn has bloomed! And the one I transplanted here at Asbury has bloomed consistently, too. Probably helps that it’s only a foot away from the compost drain. So it’s flush with food.

Paintings are going up around the house. It’s nice to see some of them again. Others, I realize I’m not as fond of. I think putting most of my stuff into storage has really cooled my attachments to many things. Probably time to declutter my clothes, too. Funny – this year’s decluttering project was houseplants. I gave away quite a few of them.

There are times when I wish I only had 3 pair of shoes – sandals for summer, clogs for winter, boots for labor. But I’m glad I have as many as I do. I probably have a dozen pair of shoes, maybe even more. It really is too much, I need to give away one pair and throw away at least one other.

It’s the middle of October, almost Hallowe’en. I want to buy pumpkins and enjoy the season before it flies by! I need to re-start my gratitude practice too, even if it is corny or hokey. It makes a really big difference in my life, focusing on positives and what I am grateful for.

Stood for at least an hour today at work, and spent some of that standing time in Chair Pose. So helpful for my back and core muscles. 🙂


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