Just Tap the Brakes Again

Chevy Suburban in front of me in traffic. Off ramp from the interstate, the driver allows three cars ahead of her to go thru the green light before she moves forward. We make it thru the light, regardless.

She aims for the left lane, then swings into the right lane. Taps the brakes at the next green light. Merges ahead of me again.

She crosses the median stripe, touches the outside lane demarkation, and brakes on the slope before the green traffic light we’re approaching. I try to see around her to figure out why she keeps tapping her brakes. The next car is more than fifty yards ahead of her.

A country road with crumbled asphalt joins with our highway. The country road is empty, the lane ahead of her is empty, the opposing lane is empty but for a car about half a mile away. She puts on her brakes, then speeds up again.

Exact same scenario when the next crumbling, empty road meets ours.

We’re approaching the road where I will exit this highway and I hope fiercely that she is continuing on without turning. I put on my left turn signal and prepare to enter the turn lane.

A large car has turned left from that road onto our highway. The Suburban driver speeds up, catches up to that car, and hits her brakes again.

Not everyone deserves a driver’s license.


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