Gazing into the Void: Anxiety

When you are anxious, it is hard to breathe, difficult to see straight. Pain is stronger; you are weaker.

When feeling anxious but danger is not obvious, fear feeds itself. The question “What are you afraid of?” brings more of the unknown into an uncertain moment. Nothing is more frightening than that emotional quicksand.

Fear is a warning system, alerting us against danger. Anxiety is sirens blaring out of line of sight, echoing and confused. You do not know what move to make.

Neither fear nor anxiety offer guidance. You’re robbed of mind and sense.

When anxiety attacks you, sooth yourself the way you would sooth a helpless creature that you love. Rock slowly from one foot to the other, pat your own arm or chest, sing your favorite song under your breath until you can think again.

Keep soothing yourself until you feel better.

It will be all right.


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