Climate Change Is Easy to Understand

I’ve read a number of complaints that this issue is too complex for people to understand.  Climate Change is easy to understand:

It used to be so warm on Earth that there were no ice caps. Plants and animals grew everywhere.

Plants and animals died. Their bodies got covered in dirt, taking their carbon underground. Those bodies turned into coal and oil.

The more carbon got buried, the cooler our atmosphere got. Eventually, after some 3 billion years of carbon getting buried, ice ages began. Mammals thrived in the colder weather.

Now we are digging up all that carbon and tossing it skyward. We’re returning carbon to the air that hasn’t seen this much carbon in over 100 million years. We’re quickly turning Earth’s climate back into a climate that favored giant insects (fleas were at least an inch long), crustaceans and dinosaurs.

Emphasis on “quickly.” Climate always changes, that is just part of the definition of climate. That’s why we call this “Climate Change.” This change we’re making is so fast, it’s like comparing a human’s walking speed to a human traveling in a jet airplane.

Since our biggest and most important cities are coastal, we’re going to lose a majority of our cultural and communication centers. Coastal people will have to move inland, losing their mortgages as they go. Inlanders never handle this well.

Climate Change wouldn’t be a big problem if we were hunter-gatherers. We’d just adapt or die. Of course, if we were hunter-gatherers, we wouldn’t be drilling for oil.


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