Progress Report: Operation Muffintop Mining

Operation Muffintop Mining has been successful so far! In January, I could barely squeeze into my jeans. (Stupid holidays!) I still have a bit of an overhang now but am definitely shrinked and am more comfortable.

I got back to running in February, worked up to 2 mile runs, and worked up to 3 mile runs in March. I am running about twice a week.

The first mile is awful, trying to get breathing coordinated and posture correct and I’m in pain. Have to talk myself thru it, remind myself I’m doing good, it’s good work, I can do it, all that good positive talk. Around the beginning of the 2nd mile, I feel better. I’m in a rhythm and the pain and tension has eased. By the 3rd mile, I could fly. 🙂

Definitely built for distance, definitely not speed! LOL! My best speed to date (about 9.5 minutes per mile) is my daughter’s worst speed ever. Truth: that speed was too fast and now I’m averaging about 10.5 per mile. Slower speed still gets me around the course!

This month I plan to get up to 4 mile runs, 2x per week. Goal is to run quarter marathon distance (6.55 miles).

Funny thing: I’ve gotten to the end of a run and seen that I’m at 2.8 or 2.5 or 2.98 miles. Part of my brain says, “Hey, it’s still a good run and -” and what I assume is my Id says, “TURN AROUND AND RUN SOME MORE”. So I do, just to get over that 3 mile mark. 😀


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