Time Travel

If I could go back into my own history

and see those sorry jerks again
who mocked me for my diet
my exercise
my trying to do right

when I had null esteem
the kind of mind that kept me hours ahead of
a note and a bottle of aspirin

I would show them photos from now
and health reports
I would rub their noses in my physique
in my energy
and I know

this is why the gods don’t allow time travel

Climate Change Is Easy to Understand

I’ve read a number of complaints that this issue is too complex for people to understand.  Climate Change is easy to understand:

It used to be so warm on Earth that there were no ice caps. Plants and animals grew everywhere.

Plants and animals died. Their bodies got covered in dirt, taking their carbon underground. Those bodies turned into coal and oil.

The more carbon got buried, the cooler our atmosphere got. Eventually, after some 3 billion years of carbon getting buried, ice ages began. Mammals thrived in the colder weather.

Now we are digging up all that carbon and tossing it skyward. We’re returning carbon to the air that hasn’t seen this much carbon in over 100 million years. We’re quickly turning Earth’s climate back into a climate that favored giant insects (fleas were at least an inch long), crustaceans and dinosaurs.

Emphasis on “quickly.” Climate always changes, that is just part of the definition of climate. That’s why we call this “Climate Change.” This change we’re making is so fast, it’s like comparing a human’s walking speed to a human traveling in a jet airplane.

Since our biggest and most important cities are coastal, we’re going to lose a majority of our cultural and communication centers. Coastal people will have to move inland, losing their mortgages as they go. Inlanders never handle this well.

Climate Change wouldn’t be a big problem if we were hunter-gatherers. We’d just adapt or die. Of course, if we were hunter-gatherers, we wouldn’t be drilling for oil.

Discrimination Allowed

Regarding proposed laws allowing religious business owners to discriminate which customers they serve based on their religious beliefs: German businesses were not required to serve anybody when I lived there in the 1970’s.

Most served us without issue and many did so happily, especially when we attempted to speak German. (They loved that!) Most people are good people, and that’s true anywhere you go.


If you were American and the German restaurant owner had had a bad experience with our GI’s or just held a prejudice against Americans, they didn’t have to serve you. They could seat you, take your order, then leave you waiting for food they had no intention of serving to you. This happened to my family twice.

If you had brown skin, they could ignore you or throw you out. If you wore strange clothing, the waitstaff could just pretend you didn’t exist and still serve your friend who wore ordinary clothes.

If you behaved in a way they considered bad, the shop owner could evict you. My brother was thrown out of a tavern by the owner because she believed he was behaving like the Nazi Youth.  (No one hates the Nazi like good Germans hate the Nazi.)

If you were religious and the shop owner not, they didn’t have to sell to you. If you were not religious and they were, same story.

It was individual as well; maybe the shop owner would serve you but the sales assistant decided not to. You’re trying to get catch the sales assistant’s eye but they won’t look at you and they serve people who came in after you. You wait for as long as it takes for the shop owner to finish their transaction and maybe then you get service. Or maybe you watch the sales assistant talk the shop owner out of serving you.

We waited for dinner 4 hours one evening because the cook was happy to prepare our food but the waitress would not serve it. She strung us along, seated us, delayed in taking our order, ignored half our inquiries and other times pretending to ask the kitchen about our food. Our dinner got served to us, cold, when her shift was over.

That restaurant had been in business for over 400 years. They were still in business when we moved back to the USA 3 years later.

You could stand with a crying, hungry toddler in front of the only place in town that sold food and they could turn you away. Perhaps your child crying was why, perhaps it’s because you had brown eyes and they only liked blue-eyed people. They didn’t have to say, and they didn’t have to serve you.

Or maybe it’s not the only place in town, and you can go to store next door, and the next, and the next, until you find one that didn’t take their cue from the fact that all their neighbors refused you.

Basically, if they didn’t like you, you were out of luck. You couldn’t get car parts, beer, haircuts, clothing, light bulbs, pastries, legal assistance, whatever the business owner sold. They didn’t have to declare it or communicate the issue, they didn’t have to do or explain anything.

Progress Report: Operation Muffintop Mining

Operation Muffintop Mining has been successful so far! In January, I could barely squeeze into my jeans. (Stupid holidays!) I still have a bit of an overhang now but am definitely shrinked and am more comfortable.

I got back to running in February, worked up to 2 mile runs, and worked up to 3 mile runs in March. I am running about twice a week.

The first mile is awful, trying to get breathing coordinated and posture correct and I’m in pain. Have to talk myself thru it, remind myself I’m doing good, it’s good work, I can do it, all that good positive talk. Around the beginning of the 2nd mile, I feel better. I’m in a rhythm and the pain and tension has eased. By the 3rd mile, I could fly. 🙂

Definitely built for distance, definitely not speed! LOL! My best speed to date (about 9.5 minutes per mile) is my daughter’s worst speed ever. Truth: that speed was too fast and now I’m averaging about 10.5 per mile. Slower speed still gets me around the course!

This month I plan to get up to 4 mile runs, 2x per week. Goal is to run quarter marathon distance (6.55 miles).

Funny thing: I’ve gotten to the end of a run and seen that I’m at 2.8 or 2.5 or 2.98 miles. Part of my brain says, “Hey, it’s still a good run and -” and what I assume is my Id says, “TURN AROUND AND RUN SOME MORE”. So I do, just to get over that 3 mile mark. 😀