Remedial Human

So I’ve come to believe
or realize

that basically, Depressant people like myself
have to learn How To Human.

The things and thinks I learn in therapy
are just how healthy people act

they’ve always known how to
focus on the positives
and how
to stop eating
when they’re full

I should call therapy my “Remedial Human” classes
Learning To Human The Right Way
I am Humanly Challenged

Learning what babies know – someone will care for them
Learning what toddlers know – frustration and failure are normal
Learning what children know – good people really can help you
Learning what teens know – it’s not the end of the world and you will get thru hard times

2015 and Me

I have learned a lot this year about releasing control and being creative. 2014 turned out to be every bit as wild a ride as 2013. 2015 is going to have to work hard to impress.

My personal goals for 2015:

Trust myself and loved ones

Intuit and trust that intuition

Create and recreate, make things and make things happen!

Connect more deeply and connect creative people

Erase Perfectionism

Turn liabilities into strengths

Rely on and motivate myself and my loved ones, encourage and take courage
Things I hope to accomplish: build our new house, renew the gardens at Asbury and to maintain and improve the gardens at Sunrise, finish a demo of and copyright the content of Color Not Found in Nature

For 2014 I simplified my goals to 3 words, which worked well for me. So 2015’s words for me are:


Happy New Year!