Sea Salt, Vinegar and the Irresistable Chip

Beware the sea salt and vinegar kettle chip. The bag of them, I mean. They probably cause no harm when encountered singly.

I open the bag to eat a handful, maybe 6 chips. That isn’t what happens. I think I will put them away when I feel satified, but I cannot. I plan to eat 6 and instead eat half the bag. That’s 4 oz of potato chips. Containing probably a tablespoon of salt. I’m stuffed like a couch pillow.

Harley dog sits up every time I pull a chip out of the bag. (Ok, “a chip” is polite speech for “a huge handful”.) Then he lays back down, dejected, when I put it (them) in my own mouth. BUt he does not stop staring at me. WHen I get up, he gets up, and follows me as I take the (nearly empty) bag over to the pantry shelf and set it down. He looks back and forth rapidly, meandthebagofchipsandmeandthebagofchips, sighs, and goes to lay back down on his dog bed. Knowing all hope is lost, he finally decides to nap.

I sit back down at the table, stomach bulging with potato chips on top of the really nice lunch I’d already eaten. I sit, and try to forgive myself. Probably a better plan to just blame the kettle chips.


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