Fitness and Fasting; Monday 28 July 2014

Saturday evening, I did my very first Jillian Michaels workout. 🙂 She’s encouraging and sensible, very helpful attitude. She did her job on Biggest Loser with a great combination of discipline and idealism.

The video gave a great whole body workout. Abs and cardio and upper body and hiney and legs. My calves are sore today and my shoulders were a bit sore yesterday but I still feel stronger and more energetic. I want to undo the desk job body and be fit, genuinely fit. Muscles doing what they’re supposed to in the right places for the right reasons.

Honestly? I want to sit down withOUT my belly lying on my lap. Good strong muscles, taut skin. That’s my goal. Belly just staying up where it belongs.

Fasting today. I’ve been juice fasting at the New Moon for several months, and I think I’m ready to fast more days. Each fast, I feel better afterwards. My stomach returns to its correct size and my belly’s gotten a rest, it’s easier to tell when I’m full. I’m completely hydrated and slept better. It’s a ridiculously easy fast; I take in at least 800 calories.

Should I fast twice a month? three days? four? I need a routine in order to make it happen. Right now I’m using the lunar calendar, fasting at the New Moon. If I wanted to do twice a month, I could fast on the 1st and 15th, or the two quarter moons. Three times a month would be every 10 days. Four times a month, every Monday?

I lost 20lb in 2013, going from 167 to 145. I’ve maintained around 145 so far this year but lately have gained about 2lb. While I’m happy with how far I’ve come, I would like to get to a carrying weight (clothes, shoes, meals included) of 140 tops. So, that means losing another 10lb. I think fasting is key to that goal, as it reduces both calorie intake and appetite.

I might also take the spiritual practice of donating food equal to the amount missed while fasting. Kroger has a handy drop-box; just need to remember to pick up food items to put in it each time I go grocery shopping.


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