Tuesday 22 July

Sun enters Leo today.

Sang my sunrise hymn this morning as Harley and I walked.  Worked on a sunset verse.  It occurred to me that I only know each of my songs in one key.  I immediately wanted to spend the whole day at home playing and transposing them into all keys.  Will work on that.

Went to Jerry’s Artarama last night to pick up paint for the front door and get two items framed.  Frame guy was out but an artist named Gil Veda was there, very chatty.  He gave me his card and drew a quick portrait of me on the back, me as a mermaid with a seahorse at my side.  🙂

Doors need water energy, according to Feng Shui, so that people and things can flow thru them unobstructed.  My front door was dark green and I’d painted a tree on it;  trees soak up water.  Oops.  

SO, I planned to change it to a water scene.  I’m not fond of beaches but I recently found a Japanese ink drawing of garden hummocks in a water setting, each hummock connected by a bridge.  Image is heavily water, surrounded water, but still contains beloved trees and garden.  🙂  This should absolutely meet the feng shui need as well as my aesthetic need.

I did one coat of white and then a coat of light blue and light green.  They’re way too bright, so I picked up a tube of cerulean blue for the third coat.  Ennui Teen is at band camp.  If I get the lawn mowed in time, I should be able to get another base coat on the front door tonight.  

Listened to Jillian Michael’s Shred #1 yesterday.  The first five minutes, I was enthusiastic.  “Yeah!”  I thought to myself.  “This is great!  I can do this at home tonight!”  By the end, I felt quite uncertain of my resolve.  I did not shred last night.  May try it tonight or tomorrow.  JM is strident but encouraging, and she’s an Aquarius too, like  many of my friends. 

Happy Tuesday.  🙂




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